Hey There, Magic-Makers!

Free DFY Instagram Reel Templates

Say “abracadabra” and reveal our sparkly little secret — the ReelMagic Canva Kit! For all you Instagram wizards dreaming of brewing up some spellbinding Reels, we’ve got the perfect potion for you!

Want to know why the ReelMagic Canva Kit is the fairy godmother you’ve been waiting for? Let’s spill the magic beans:

No more creative blocks: 

Been staring at a blank screen for what feels like forever? With our Canva Kit, you’ve got a starting place. Use our templates as your blank canvas and color outside the lines!

Saves Time: 

Do you feel like Cinderella, racing against the clock to create engaging content while managing everything else? This kit is your fairy godmother, come to whisk away your worries.


Don’t go chasing after different styles and designs. Keep it consistent, build your brand personality, and make people recognize and love your style with our versatile templates!


With our free templates, your brand will look a million dollars, while keeping your pocket blissfully unaffected. Now, how about that!



Now time to reveal how this little gem makes your life easier:

  • Brand it Up: Tailor the templates to your heart’s content! Play with the text, images, and videos, and let your brand scream “YOU.”
  • Immediate Access: No more waiting around to get started. Instant access means you can dive straight into adding that magical touch to your reels.
  • No Design Degree Required: Whether you’re a Picasso or can’t draw a straight line, our user-friendly templates have got you covered.

So, are you ready to sprinkle some stardust on your Instagram Reels? To turn your brand into a shooting star across the social media universe?

With a wave of our magic wand (and a few clicks of your mouse!), gift yourself the ReelMagic Canva Kit. Here’s to creating your own enchanted forest of captivating content — where every Instagram Reel is a magical journey.

Remember: The ReelMagic Canva Kit is absolutely free, but you will need a Canva account to strut your magic. Free and Pro Canva accounts available.